Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Ollo To Play Melbourne

If you're in or around Melbourne.. check out the mighty Ollo

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
They Still Love The Punk As Pussy 12" In NYC

We've noticed that East Village Radio gave Dsico's Sonic Youth cover 100% .. a spin last night

See here

Good music never dies ...
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Friday, February 23, 2007
Tonight's The Night

As Rod Stewart once said.... If you live within driving distance of Canterbury (UK) .. pop into town and check out the glorious Mavs at the Music Club in Orange street..
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Forthcoming Ollo Album, "The If If" Reviewed By Rolling Stone

We never saw a copy of this until this week .. but Rolling Stone reviewed the album back in December ... this is what they said

You know an album is going to be different when its opening line is “I really should eat more bananas and get more exercise”. The second album from Sydney’s Ollo, The If If, doesn’t disappoint; it’s a strange and imaginative collection of anti-pop songs that uses simple, melodic electronica to create trance-like soundscapes. Tracks like “Phobegone Days” and “Summer Salt” lull you into a false sense of serenity, then swirl and pulsate with soft energy, the lethargic “Wakey Moth” chugs along ever so slightly and the cover of Fun Boy 3’s “The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)” strips the song to its core and layers ghostly samples over drip-fed vocals. The level is never raised much beyond minimal until the penultimate track, “The Campaign for Real Bread”, that finally increases the volume and interest, before toning it down again to finish on “That Sound”. The result is an eerie and well crafted musical excursion where you never quite know where you’re heading, or where you’ve just been.

In other Ollo news

They are playing the Melbourne Laneway festival and a bunch of dates in and around sydney.. check it all out at their MySpace

Buy a copy of the next edition of the US's leading indie/dance magazine XLR8R .. it'll feature an ollo review but more importantly it'll also have a freebie CD attached which features the single we released by the band last year..Campaign For Real Bread There are 195,000 copies out there! so it shouldn't be too hard to find one especially if you are at the Miami dance do and sxsw where they'll be giving away the cd for free

Finally .. Summer Salt off the album has just been re-mixed by some mystery producers in San Francisco.. it sounds great and is to be licensed by a SF based record company for release on CD.. so keep your eyes and ears out for that one
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
DJ Mag Gives Mavs ep 5/5

We're pleased to see that DJ Magazine in the UK has given our latest 12" release .. the Mavs marvellous "Slighty Smutty ep" 5 stars

They write:

"Grindie" strikes back for 2007 with this EP from "Chatham's smuttiest grime peddlers" The Mavs - A lively bunch of MCs / producers linking grime, rock and hip hop. "Dumpweed" doesn't have a conventional grime beat, but chugs along like early 70's glam complete with pumping electric guitar riff and gritty sneer from a John Lydon-esque lead vocal (circa P.I.L.). Shades
of Mike Skinner, Plan B, Kano and erm, Jarvis Cocker give this EP a colourful, thoroughly British slant.

Five Stars out of Five.
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Monday, February 12, 2007
Ollo: Official Release of The If If Album For UK, Europe & USA

Ollo's 2nd album The If If will be released by 12 Apostles on 9 April 2007.

If you are desperate for a copy, as always, Rough Trade Records in London have some advance stock.

Otherwise it'll be early April when our distributors Cargo International release the album to stores.

For downloads i-tunes in the US will be your port of call
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The Mavs Play Live

Hip Hop heroes of smut and all things Medway, the glorious Mavs, play a gig in Canterbury soon

Don't miss it - one of the best live shows around

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Mavs ......"Too Loud & Offensive"

Last week the 12 Apostles Records latest signing, UK Hip Hop act ‘The Mavs’ tried to launch their debut 12” ep “Slightly Smutty” at two venues in London and failed. Cited As .....”Too Loud & Offensive”

Firstly they were locked out of the official launch venue, The Medicine Bar in Shoreditch, due to fire safety issues .. Yeah right !

The promoter then took the brave step of booking The Foundry ( owned by Bill Drummond of KLF fame) also in EC2 so that the Mavs could launch into their own version of suburban mayhem... But within 20 minutes they were hurled offstage with the Foundry management citing them as “loud & offensive”

At this time The Mavs are still looking for a London venue who’ll let them play for more than 15 minutes

Find Out More About The Mavs At:

Debut 12” EP : “Slightly Smutty” featuring Dumpweed, No Balls, Smut By Numbers & Great Green Drought

More Information At:
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Friday, December 15, 2006
ROC To Release First Release of 2007 and the First Ever MySpace Only Album Release





From New Year's Day 2007 you will be able to download a free album of entirely unheard ROC tracks, exclusively from this page.

12 tracks of previously unheard material will be available for download in pairs, changing every 3.5 days (making 4 tracks per week), with the entire album collectable over 3 weeks. The first pair of tracks will available for download at 00.01am (UK) on 1 January. The tracks will continue in rotation until further notice, so you can begin collecting the album at any time.

The album comprises completely unheard songs, alternative (in some cases better) versions of songs from previous albums, remixes of ROC by other artists, ROC remixes of other artists, soundtracks and live performances. The tracks date from the present back to ROC's first cassette demo in the '80s.

ROC's current album "Night Fold Around Me" was released in summer 2006 on 12 Apostles (please see details/reviews below). Several of the album tracks have found their way onto music download blogs. Both ROC and 12 Apostles know that trying to control this is futile, and instead value bloggers' comments, and are happy to offer some free ROC tunes for your mp3 player.

The album's title and track order are encoded in the mp3's. Each file contains a letter spelling the title. When all 12 are collected, the title and order will be revealed. Users sending a message with the title correctly identified will receive in return a lavish set of artwork to accompany the recordings. Plus the first 50 people to send the title will have a choice of free stuff from the ROC vaults - more details to follow.


Buy from Cargo Amazon HMV Virgin Play Buch English Megastore Nail Records Bol Delicious Goldfish etc

"A terrific collection of lush, intelligent electro pop full of beauty, tempered optimism and gallows wit" 4/5 The Scotsman

"Urban paranoia and moody melody...ROC are an intriguing concern and this third album sees that continuing" 3/5 Q Magazine

"Pompous European bastards out to get somebody back for something and helping futurepop get a grip in the process" Hippo Press (Manchester NH USA)

"ROC are genuinely like nothing at all. And everything all at once" (NME) ROC are Karen Sheridan (vocals, music), Patrick Nicholson (music), Fred Browning (vocals, music)

ROC released their third album "Night Fold Around Me" in June 2006. It's the long-overdue follow-up to "Virgin" (Virgin Records 1998) and "ROC" (Setanta Records 1996), both acclaimed by press and musicians including Orbital and Radiohead. "Night Fold Around Me" was completed in 2005 with long-standing collaborators Danton Supple (Coldplay) and Gareth Huw Davies at the desk. Veering from pure pop to pure noise, ROC have baffled and delighted critics and fans since their first releases, with singles like "God Willing", "Girl With A Crooked Eye", "(Dis)Count Us In" and "Cheryl" becoming underground classics. The band has been branded 'perverse' for their refusal to stick to a pre-ordained musical genre. The late great John Peel said of ROC: "you never know what you're gonna get next with this lot - I'm all in favour of that"
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Monday, November 27, 2006
Ollo Sydney Radio Stars At The Moment

Ollo and their new album "The If If" will be featured as a PBS interview will be streamed Monday 4th December on PBS radio site around 9am Aust time.

They will also be feature album on the Album Show on FBI Radio Sydney Wednesday 6th.
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